Fire one, hire one

The  employee who worked with the WBDC has been let go. But not to save money, because the town is hiring. Here is a j0b posting spotted in a number of places  [and on the Town website – although it displays horribly in Firefox.]

5164680 Social research assistant
Employer: Town of Wolfville
Salary: $33250 to $45750/ Yearly, 35 hours
Location: Wolfville / New Minas, NS
Date Posted: 2010/07/22

transportation study co-ordinator.

Priorities?  The proof is in the pudding as they say.

Among the specific skills  required – Develop questionnaires for social survey research, Conduct surveys and analyze data, Compile and interpret statistics on social issues and policy research

We have one question [well two actually]. Those surveys – will they be mandatory and if only voluntary will they therefore be uselessly inaccurate?


One response to “Fire one, hire one

  1. I see that they require more than 3 years experience and less than 5 years experience… That’s a pretty narrow window.

    Perhaps they have someone very specific in mind? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, nod-nod.

    Why not hire someone who actually knows something about the problem at hand… visa-vis transportation? Oh, silly me, they want someone to “supervise working groups”. So who is going to be in the “working groups” and how much are they being paid?