Choice words

Choices, choices, choices. Take the choice of words for example.

The Town has engaged Landscape Architect, Angela Morin,
to develop a Conceptual Plan for the Town parkland at the
corner of Main Street and Elm Avenue

Hired is such a crass word isn’t it? It seems to imply MONEY which the town is always loathe to mention. Engaged seems more, well … ambiguous.

Fired is another unfortunate word. Hence the “layoff” by the Town of their share of the employee shared with the WBDC and (therefore) the loss of that employee’s job.

It would be nice to have some honest words.

AND if anyone had asked US to pick which of these WE would have spent OUR money on, we  would have made a different choice.

Do you think it is easy to make priorities?


One response to “Choice words

  1. Conceptual Plan? So is there such a thing as a plan that is not conceptual? Or is a conceptual plan a euphemism for a plan that isn’t fully thought out? Perhaps a conceptual plan isn’t even a plan?

    Whatever, I’m sure that His Munificence has a plan. Hold onto your wallets! I smell a budget blowout brewing.

    Look, if it’s “Concepts” that Council needs then they should take a gander at Wolfville Watch. Several of your readers have expressed interesting ideas.

    On the other hand, if Council wants a plan of action then they might turn to Mr Irving. He’s already erected a clock and planted a tree. Perhaps we should just stand aside and let him finish the job?

    Conceptual Plan? Effete nonsense!