Weather not climate, remember?

We are getting used to this. Reports of record warmth and dire predictions.

Of course when there is record cold we are reminded that this is weather not climate.

Luckily there are people who are keeping their heads and looking at that not so common thing called “data”.

“So it seems that the largest red spots — and therefore the highest anomalies — ONLY appear where there is actually no data. What an interesting correlation!”

Abracadabra Presto chango shazam

“Houston, I think you have a problem”…

One response to “Weather not climate, remember?

  1. It looks to me like a simple problem with their interpolation algorithm. At edges, they appear to be extrapolating by continuing linear trends within the resolved part of the domain. Given this sort of data, it is probably better to just replace extrapolations with NaN.

    It is hot, nevertheless. Best to take advantage of our good fortune and go for a dip. Remember the winter? It will be back. (Like a Terminator.)