Do the farm markets know?

That those labels have to be bilingual, etc, etc?

Ms. Reynolds says the two inspectors removed 108 items from her shelves at Home Grow-In Grocer, a 14-month-old shop that carries only food grown or produced in B.C., including by micro-farmers in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan/Similkameen Valley.

“They were there for six hours,” she said. “They were picking up every jar, every bottle, every package, taking pictures of the labels, writing notes.”

They handed her seven pages of infractions, she says, all relating to labels missing bilingual information or nutrition tables. The inspectors flagged 11 suppliers in the small shop, which Ms. Reynolds says sells 300 dozen eggs a week. One dairy supplier, for example, was pulled because their labels read “feta” or “Monterey Jack” but not “cheese.”

The craziness just gets crazier don’t it?
…an “all-out war” is brewing in southeastern New Brunswick, as Moncton’s city council considers a bylaw requiring all new commercial signs to be bilingual.


2 responses to “Do the farm markets know?

  1. I wonder if bureaucratic gobbledygook is the same in French as it is in English?

    I’m a dogmatic mono-linguist and proud of it. The trouble with this bilingual label bulldust is that they have to make the type font so small in order to fit everything on. What the heck do those bureaucratic bums think that it matters when the average old far-sighted croc, like me, can’t even see the print!

  2. Come on people we have to have something for these “inspectors” to do to earn their paycheques. Maybe they get a bonus for every infraction. They were there for SIX hours. Travel time there and back, two coffee breaks and a lunch hour, sounds like overtime.