Brand Aid

From the “Chemistry”‘ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT  for The Town of Wolfville  Branding Project – June 25, 2010  [PDF]

Guiding your community to live into these opportunities in order to realize its goal to become a truly desired & love
[sic]destination requires that you create a unique destination experience.
To do so we‟ve designed a Destination Experience Model to follow that is:
1. Based on “thinking like a stakeholder”
2. Based on utilizing best practices
3. Must deliver an enriching experience, with each and every stakeholder, each and every time

Giggle, giggle, guffaw


3 responses to “Brand Aid

  1. So how much is it costing us to get branded?

    By publishing such drivel, those idiots have branded The Town as an intellectual wasteland. Here’s one for The Transportation Plan: “Beam me out of here Scotty”.

    The biosolids spiel was more interesting. You know the energy density of household garbage is about half that of petrol — (or 50 times that of the best electrical batteries). Burn your garbage to stay warm in the winter? Maybe, but it’s a messy business. Same for biosolids and old car tires.

  2. William Zimmerman

    You might be interested to know that the town is writing the province requesting they re-examine the potential for phosphate recovery and incineration for the disposal of bio-solids.

    At this time, the incineration of waste is banned in the province.

    All things considered, it is probably best that any incineration (for energy recovery) of biosolids or household waste be done in a central location under tight controls to minimize the “messy” stuff.

    • Pyrolysis may be a better approach than incineration, at least for things like tires and plastics in household waste? I’d be a bit concerned about cost effectiveness.

      Now is a time to experiment wisely, if we are to find some way to accommodate our massive and growing global population. Flying into Chicago the other week, the smog almost looked so solid you could land on it…

      Maybe we should lobby to get Acadia’s engineering and science faculty beefed up — to help develop the new generation of recycling and enviro-friendly technologies. Who knows, the Irving’s might even be interested in coming to such a party?