Faith in Freedom

From one who knows what not having it feels like.

We are still on Holiday.

9 responses to “Faith in Freedom

  1. It is no secret that the Elm Street/Main street corner is going have one bad fender bender soon. Why can’t we have a three way stop there so, that, at least while Front St. is torn up, people can get down and up Elm onto Main and turn, either right or left.
    Some people just will not take a turn. They are so busy and important, they just push right through. Makes me cranky too.

    • Perhaps Councillor Zimmerman will tell us if that is part of the “transportation plan.”

      • Well, of course Council has a plan. We drive our Zen car into the wormhole at the Elm/Main corner and we emerge somewhere in New Minas.

        Seriously, I was talking to a lady from over the hill the other day. She said, “Oh, I don’t go to Wolfville nowadays. Not since the put in those stop signs.”

        Ultimately, the problem is that the town has a 19’th-century layout. I’ve offered to fix it before. Starting at Town Hall with a D8 bulldozer.

      • Traffic Plan # 423:
        We turn “Clock Park” into a 3 lane round-about, and drive around in big circles — just like Council.

  2. William Zimmerman

    There isn’t a comprehensive transportation plan. That is why we want to develop one.

  3. Couldn’t we have a person available for high traffic periods who could direct traffic around that corner? There is a person already who gives out tickets for parking. Couldn’t he learn how to direct traffic? Most adults can learn that.
    Maybe a volunteer, or a fireman with a boot. It is just common sense.
    We don’t need a traffic plan for a couple of hours
    around noon. People are trying their best to support local businesses but it is a bit trying to have to navigate that corner or try to get into the east or west bound traffic from Elm or coming from Acadia on market days in winter.

    If it weren’t for the good manners of a few drivers, I am afraid there might be a nasty altercation at some of these corners. Kudos to whoever put up the four way stop at Gaspereaux Ave. It works just fine.

  4. Since they put up “those stop signs?” Good grief, where does she shop. There are about 16 crosswalks from the lights in Greenwich to Grand Pré. Couldn’t there be a few directional signals or stop signs to ease the flow of traffic?
    Is that not logical? A notice in The Advertiser for people to have patience at the corner and allow someone waiting to meld into the traffic?
    You can’t blow people out of the way with your horn. Dirty looks, the finger and other means of showing your unhappiness with being stuck in traffic doesn’t move anyone who is stuck in your path.

    Stopping at the crosswalk and allowing a couple of cars to come out would help. It’s a bit like allowing someone with a smaller load of groceries to go ahead of you at the check out.
    It makes people feel good and that is a worthy reason.

    Who knows, it might be Brian Sanderson and it might put a smile on his face for a change.

    • Re “those stop signs?”:
      I think people get used to certain traffic conditions and changing them causes disruption. Personally, I had workable solutions both before and after the “stop signs”. Not everyone did/does, for whatever reason(s).

      I agree with Councilor Zimmerman! We need a comprehensive plan. That means an open and frank discussion where people lay their ideas squarely on the table and subject them to hard-headed analysis. Perhaps recent postings represent a tongue-in-cheek starting point. The time has come for more serious propositions to augment those from Betty. WW seems as good a forum as any other…

      The only road-rage that I’ve experienced downtown was one day when I was trying to negotiate my bicycle past the Farmers Market. A little old lady, driving a very big and very expensive car, honked her horn and menaced me — for whatever reason, I know not. This was a totally laughable aberration.

      My view point may be crazy, but I think that drivers generally respond to awkward traffic conditions by giving the other guy/gal a bit more latitude. Perhaps the great minds at Town Hall have been doing us all a favour?

      Be assured, I’m smiling.

  5. Someone tell me why the clock park lot cannot be transformed into a parking area with some trees dividing the rows. It need not be paved, but that wouldn’t hurt if the earth beneath is contaminated. I don’t remember what B.S . suggested as an alternative to the four way stop, but as long as they don’t put parking meters in Wolfville, I am willing to park and walk a little.

    If I were king of the world, I would put some gas pumps over here in Port Williams or Canning. Someone must be in charge or nobody benefits.

    We have to think ahead when the Boomer generation needs more convenience. There will be need for more wheelchairs and other motorized devices for getting around unless they are all buff and fit.

    People will not be able to walk as far to get groceries and the big box stores will need more motorized chairs for getting around and people to help retrieve good from the top shelves. They are out of reach for most people now.

    Is it any wonder so many stores are empty? They are run for the benefit of stockholders in other countries, with fewer untrained sales staff.
    Do we have thoughts of self check outs where all semblance of customer service is gone? I hope not.

    In the meantime, I hope that the beautiful little town of Wolfville will not end up in a snarl of traffic. Nor a wasteland of parking spaces either.
    Perhaps a little trolley going around and around the central square would help if we parked too far to walk?

    Lots of people have good ideas. Shouldn’t WW be a good venue for ideas other than criticism?
    No matter how far out the ideas are, there might be at least one that is viable.