How’d they vote?

Many may not have heard the Atlantica Party is running candidates in the Glace Bay and Yarmouth by-elections coming up. The leader of the party, Jonathan Dean, is running in Yarmouth. The party barely gets a mention in the press and their platform no ink at all.

Although we don’t agree with everything, there is much to admire in this fledgeling party’s play book. This is one of them:

As part of its Five Point Democracy Plan the Atlantica Party wants an end to unrecorded voting in the Nova Scotia Legislature. According to the Know How They Vote Campaign during the 59th and 60th General Assemblies, out of 853 bills only 12 votes were recorded! More recent activity has been no better. [emph ours]


In a time when electors want greater transparency this is a scandal,” says Atlantica Party Leader, Jonathan Dean. “How are voters to know who voted for what or even if their representative was present in the house during the vote? Without an accurate voting recorded how can electors assess their representation? And yet when we approached the Premier and the Liberal leader the need for recorded voting was dismissed out of hand.”

It takes two MLAs to request a recorded vote. During the June 10th Glace Bay all-candidates debate all of the candidates stated they opposed anonymous voting. “On June 17th during the Yarmouth all-candidates debate I publicly stated that I oppose all anonymous voting. So if elected I will work with my colleague from Glace Bay to ensure all voting is recorded for Nova Scotians.”

If people in Yarmouth REALLY want to send a message to the present NDP government they won’t just vote for one of the other main stream, Same Old, Same Old parties. Or not vote at all. That would just be a whine. To shake things up and tell them  “we are not going to take it any more” they should vote for the Atlantica Party. That would make everyone sit up and take notice, wouldn’t it?

We’ll be watching how things turn out in both these by-elections.


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