Nearing the tipping point

How long will it be until there are more people who don’t pay tax than those who do? Recently the stats in the US revealed that in 2009 47% of the American population paid no federal income tax, and this figure has increased from 40%  only 5 years ago.

We don’t know what the proportion is in Canada, or in Nova Scotia, or in Wolfville but we would bet that the percentage has increased and if it continues to increase does it not follow that at some point there will be a minority of voters who pay income tax? We who do pay income tax will then be outnumbered by those who can vote to bleed the rest of us for any entitlements they feel they should have.

Don’t believe it? Here is one fact which tends to confirm it.

According to Statistics Canada, there are 3.5 million Canadians employed in the public sector out of 16.9 million working Canadians — 20.7 per cent! This means one in five working Canadians are employed by the public sector. These jobs are funded from the taxes paid by the other 80 per cent of Canadians working in the private sector. This has been a worsening condition over the past 40 years.

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