The party’s over

Toronto has got it.

Dark-horse candidate Rob Ford took the lead in Toronto’s mayoral race on Sunday, leaping almost two points ahead of former front-runner George Smitherman. … Mr. Ford, a councillor riding a wave of popular anger over perceived City Hall mismanagement, won 17.8% of the popular support in a poll conducted by Nanos for CTVGlobemedia. …

After the numbers were released, Mr. Ford said in a statement that Torontonians were fed up with high taxes and wasteful spending.

“On Oct. 25, when I am elected mayor, my colleagues will have to learn that it’s time to turn off the lights, because the party with taxpayers’ money is over,” he said.

Mr. Ford has said, if elected, he would cut his mayor’s salary of $167,769 by 10% and freeze it for four years. He has also criticized perks enjoyed by councillors, such as free passes to the zoo and Metropasses.

Torontonians are fed  up. We are fed up. When is our next municiapal election? Not soon enough.

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