Tax Freedom?

This little graphic, apparently designed by a group fighting the loss of Greenwich farmland [more on that to come], is appearing in Wolfville mail boxes and seems very fitting for all kinds of reasons.

The Fraser Institute tells us this is tax freedom day, and that it is 3 days later than last year.

If Canadians paid all their taxes up front, rather than a little bit each pay cheque and every time they make a purchase, Tax Freedom Day would be the day they could start keeping all their money.

The Fraser Institute includes taxation at all levels, including municipal. How big do you think that tax bite is?
…the average couple will fork over more than $39,000 by year end, more than 42 per cent of their household income. [Read more]
42% But that is an average.
All Canadian provinces, except Newfoundland and Labrador, experienced a later Tax Freedom Day in 2010 than in 2009. As a result of significant tax increases enacted in its 2010 budget, taxpayers in Nova Scotia celebrate Tax Freedom Day seven days later than in 2009, the largest increase in Tax Freedom Day among the provinces. [Fraser Institute press release]
Unfortunately there are no specific numbers for Wolfville. Maybe they should ask Vital Signs. But we would bet that tax freedom day here in our little town is later than today.

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