Over governed

Ex-professor Adamson has an article in today’s Advertiser. He makes a number of good points and he asks a number of pointed questions.

In many Nova Scotia municipalities, May 31 was semi-annual tax day; the other shoe will drop in a few months’ time.

As you wrote your cheque, did you stop and wonder just what you were getting for your taxes? Like Sheila Fraser, the federal auditor general, did you think you were getting good value for your money? Perhaps, like far too many of our older citizens, you wondered how much longer you can afford to live in your current abode given the ever-increasing municipal tax load?

We’ve asked those questions any number of times for any number of years.

At the moment, municipalities and their elected politicians are not subject to the form of audit Auditor General Fraser would like to impose on Members of Parliament – but perhaps they should be.

Yes, they should be. That’s why we are very supportive of the suggestion made some time ago by the province that there should be a municipal auditor.

Adamson suggests we have too many municipalities.

When one looks at Kings County, along with the towns of Berwick, Kentville and Wolfville and a number of village commissions, one wonders if this county should not follow the example of Queens County? For a population less than half that of the Greater Toronto Authority (GTA), are we not over governed?

His answer is amalgamation. This would be unnecessary if we had small, simple but more effective government operations commensurate with the town’s size. But either way something has to give.

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2 responses to “Over governed

  1. We might do better to just limit the terms of reference that Councils must follow. Make them stick to a few core areas and limit their ability to meddle in foolishness. Put them on a leash. Then we need to have independent audits done to make sure they don’t stray!

  2. Speaking of amalgamation, why not amalgamate all the tinsy-winsy maritime provinces? At the very least, let’s get free trade between them!