New kid on the block

Since we have shown interest in the Atlantica Party in the past we post this message from the new party on the NS political scene.

Atlantica Party Leader Jonathan Dean is pleased to announce that Mr. Dan Wilson will represent the party in the Glace Bay by-election scheduled for June 22, 2010.

Mr. Wilson, 23, will offer a principled alternative to Glace Bay voters, an alternative that Nova Scotia can do better than status-quo mediocrity. “Year after year, and election after election, Nova Scotia has cried out for change. After each passing campaign, promises became nothing more than memories. The three status-quo parties only care about keeping things the same. We need reform!”

Wilson was formerly a member of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, having worked on his father’s campaigns over the past decade. He has chosen to terminate his membership with the party in light of the recent expense scandal and a feeling of disenfranchisement. Wilson has chosen to join the Atlantica Party in order to bring real substantive reform to provincial politics.

The Atlantica Party (AP) is Nova Scotia’s newest registered political party, having been officially recognized by Elections Nova Scotia on March 8, 2010. The Atlantica Party is Nova Scotia’s only principled alternative and Nova Scotia’s only fiscally conservative party. AP is a grassroots pro-democracy movement in the form of a political party intent on giving Nova Scotians a real option for reform; reform of our electoral system, reform of our political system and a set of economic reforms aimed at making Nova Scotia prosperous.

Wilson will be campaigning to bring more accountability and transparency to the Legislature. For example, Wilson and the Atlantica Party believe that the House of Assembly needs to mandate all votes be recorded and disclosed real time so that constituents have an objective source of information for their MLA’s voting record. Additionally, Wilson believes that Nova Scotia should implement a system of recall, where constituents can trigger a by-election if displeased with their MLA.

“This is what it means to be accountable to the constituents of the town that I call home, and indeed all of the people in this province that I call home.”

Dan Wilson is the son of Dave and Nancy Wilson of Bridgeport. He graduated from Glace Bay High School with the class of 2005. [emph ours]

There are a number of planks in the Atlantica Party platform that  appeal to us. Is the Atlantica Party the equivalent of the Wild Rose Alliance party in Alberta? Will it shake up provincial politics in the same way? We’ll be watching that by-election with interest.

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