It should be public

How many of our readers agree with this statement of the former access to information commissioner?

The House paid the legal fees for MPs involved in 29 lawsuits between 2006 and 2009, but the powerful Commons Board of Internal Economy refuses to identify the MPs or to say how much it cost, however, Canada’s former access to information commissioner says this information should be public.

We do. We think that Wolfville’s administration should fess up too. How many lawsuits, real or threatened have been settled by the Town  in the last – say- 10 years? For how much? And why? We’d like to know. We should know. It is our money. If the town has nothing to hide, the mayor and Council shouldn’t hide it.


One response to “It should be public

  1. One shouldn’t have to even ask for this sort of information. It should be posted on a parliamentary website… for all to see.

    If an MP can’t be proud of how (s)he spends public money then that MP should refrain from spending it.

    As for Council, I’m still laughing… What do we need, law suits to find out how much is blown on secret law suits? What idiocy!