NS expense scandal deepens

You might think that our headline refers to this story where it is reported that the auditor is not letting sleeping dogs lie, he is not stopping with a warning, he is going punitive – with a few anyway.

Auditor general Jacques Lapointe has determined that five Nova Scotia politicians [PDF alert]– four former MLAs and one current member – may have broken the law while in office and has referred the matter to the RCMP. … “We just felt it was self-evident on the basis of our investigation that the information we found, that the acts we were looking at were not legal... [CH- May 18]

But no, we refer to this report, unverified but plausible, that what the auditor is sending to the RCMP is but the tip of the iceberg.

One of the MLA’s under investigation contacted HawkeyeNews and is crying foul. He claims that if the Auditor General were to go back in his audit his auditors would find many more. He said in a short communication that there are several he knows of who made investments in property and retirement plans with taxpayers money.[emph. ours]

Is the auditor red-penning everything? Could it be that the scapegoats are not going down without taking a few others with them?

[Although the members are unnamed it isn’t too difficult to guess who some of them might be.


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