Keeping it quiet

It’s the same all over. They keep it under wraps.

Liberal MP Paul Szabo said one of the reasons the Board of Internal Economy, the secretive House of Commons’ administrative committee, refused to allow the auditor general to audit their books is due to concerns involving a “number of lawsuits,” including sexual harassment and wrongful dismissals brought against MPs each year and paid for by taxpayers.


“If they were opened to the auditor general and open to the public, all of a sudden people would jump to conclusions without having all the facts,” he said.

Without having all the facts. But then , why not give taxpayers all the facts? That’s all we want.  But no. Keep it quiet. We suppose the recipients of these settlements sign a non disclosure agreement too.

Last year, the Board of Internal Economy discussed nine legal cases involving MPs and paid a total of $17,000 in an out-of-court settlement in one of the cases.

$17,000 ? $17,000? Heck that’s peanuts compared to Wolfville. Just ask any councillor about “THAT MATTER” of $50,ooo. Residents have been told “it’s just routine practice,” and that $50,000 isn’t an out outrageous sum.

5 responses to “Keeping it quiet

  1. Our Lords and Masters get away with such nonsense because public thinking and analysis are constipated by demands for political correctness and civility.

    • And that’s not chicken feed. Great compilation Brian. It deserves a wider readership than poor Ww can provide.

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  3. What did the Town of Wolfville spend $50,000 on?

    • Good question. It was described as “That matter” in one of the budget meetings, and it has something to do with the ending of a staff member’s employment with the town. Any more detail than that we tax-payers are, apparently, not allowed to know. We suggest you ask any councillor, or the mayor, about it – and watch him flinch.