How can we keep a straight face?

How can any of us keep a straight face and not smirk when we read (or hear) statements like these?

Wolfville’s Town Council approved an operating budget totalling $7.29 million and a capital budget of $1.73 million at Monday evening’s Special Council Meeting.  The approved residential tax rate of $1.43 per $100 of assessment value increases property taxes of residential capped properties by 2.1%.

The increase in the Commercial Tax rate of eight cents establishes the commercial tax rate at $3.57 and offsets the further loss of Business Occupancy Assessment.  The Commercial Tax burden, other than the transfer due to Business Occupancy Tax, has not increased. [Tell this to the firms which are paying more… and why did the Province take off the BoT in the first place? To help small business – riiiight.]

Council was pleased to maintain contributions to local community groups and organizations for the important work that they do.  Council has also maintained outstanding commitments to Valley Health Hospital & Hospice Foundation, the Wolfville School Playground, and the Wolfville Historical Society.

The approval also signifies the completion of a revised budget process which was approved by Council last year and included direct input from Council, Town management and the public.  [What public?] Mayor Robert Stead commented that both the process and the resulting budget “showed how fiscal responsibility and transparency can produce great results even in these difficult times”.[emph ours]

Ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha. This is just laughable for those in the know. The rest don’t know.


2 responses to “How can we keep a straight face?

  1. This Mayor/Council carefully controls public participation so that he gets exactly what he wants. inSTEAD of responding to the legitimate concerns of ratepayers, Council has hired Charlie’s Angels to RAMP UP a smoke screen.

    Council has divided the community into those who are naughty and those who are nice. The nice little citizens get a pat on the head and a horde of Consultants and snivel-servants to help them sing the praises of Our Lord The Mayor. The naughty people get ignored, shutdown, put on the “junk mail list”, and taxed.

    Taxation without representation… now that has a certain ring to it. Tea, anyone?

  2. Perhaps we could call our tax protest movement the Koffee Klatch.

    BTW we have added a link to your Brian’s Rave round up in our blog list under Wolfville stuff, in case people have missed clicking on the link in your name.