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Here are a couple of comments from Wolfvillians, and also readers of Ww, on Town issues. The first appeared as a letter to the editor in this morning’s Chronicle Herald on the issue of taxation. The writer is well known to Ww faithfuls and always worth hearing from.

The last laugh?

I was checking out the recent budget for the fair Town of Wolfville. On the cover page, they say “Moving to Sustainability.” Sustainability of what, pray tell?

Turn a couple of pages and all is revealed. Why, how surprising — they’re sustaining increased taxation.

Never mind, folks, on page 2 we are told how the budget “goes far beyond provincial requirements” and how fortunate we all are to get such “a level of service not normally provided by municipalities [of] our size.” Our overlords have spoken: We are truly blessed.

The Wolfville taxman laughs at us all. All a man can do is laugh back.

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville

The second  view, on the issue of public participation, is from another resident and appears in our comments list but since another reader has asked us to highlight it we are happy to do that.

“I was shocked when the CAO, seemingly out of the blue, interjected a comment to chastise some people (unspecified) in the gallery for “smirking”. I was perturbed at the scolding but even more so by who was giving it. Mr. Brideau is staff and is there at the Council table to answer questions and take direction not to chair the meeting. While I would have thought the mayor saying something like this would have been typical and unwise, Mr. Brideau taking the mayor’s role was extraordinary crust. The Town’s solicitor was at the table and said nothing.
As for the scolding itself it was undemocratic, insulting and also unfair, unfair because earlier in the meeting Wendy Elliott laughed out loud at something said at the table and she received no rebuke. This smack down, on top of the clamp down on questions, makes me wonder what kind of a town we now live in. It seems completely different from the one where we chose to retire 15 years ago. I am taking this opportunity to let everyone on your list know that something should be done about this lack of public participation and the atmosphere of “Us vs Them” which has developed in the last couple of terms. “

[Christine via Larry Lynch]

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