No smirk zone

Here is the latest in activist wear in Wolfville, just the thing to suit the Town’s no nuclear,  no question and no smirk zone, designed and modeled by politico Lutz Becker. Love it Lutz!

Isn’t he a wild and crazy guy?

We know Mayor and Council have a sense of humour as they often enjoy having the raging grannies at meetings, so we are sure this was received with a smirk smile.

With thanks to a reader for the submission.


6 responses to “No smirk zone

  1. Bravo!… Well done!

  2. Absolutely excellent! Got any more of those T-shirts? I’ll buy a big one.

    Just the thing to sell from a little stand at the Farmers Market…. Ha ha.

    With warmer weather on the way (I hope) they’re a great gift idea! The perfect present for your favorite Councilor…

  3. I was at the April 19th meeting with Christine. She sent this comment around in response to David Daniel’s report to his “all community” list.
    “I was shocked when the CAO, seemingly out of the blue, interjected a comment to chastise some people (unspecified) in the gallery for “smirking”. I was perturbed at the scolding but even more so by who was giving it. Mr. Brideau is staff and is there at the Council table to answer questions and take direction not to chair the meeting. While I would have thought the mayor saying something like this would have been typical and unwise, Mr. Brideau taking the mayor’s role was extraordinary crust. The Town’s solicitor was at the table and said nothing.
    As for the scolding itself it was undemocratic, insulting and also unfair, unfair because earlier in the meeting Wendy Elliott laughed out loud at something said at the table and she received no rebuke. This smack down, on top of the clamp down on questions, makes me wonder what kind of a town we now live in. It seems completely different from the one where we chose to retire 15 years ago. I am taking this opportunity to let everyone on your list know that something should be done about this lack of public participation and the atmosphere of “Us vs Them” which has developed in the last couple of terms. “

  4. Maybe Rick at THE MARKET would stock this T-shirt!

  5. … it is unfortunate that Christine Lynch’s comments are hidden in the comment section for the faithful only to see. Her perspective as a Wolfville resident… (** a resident who by the way is among the FEW who make the effort to attend our town council meetings… “OUR” community municipal forum – We are not just any audience… we have a vested interest as community members of Wolfville in what happens in council during every meeting) deserves to be seen by all… especially seen by those Wolfville residents who don’t and or can’t attend council meetings for themselves… they depend on other means for information… such as WW, MCN contributors to share their thought, ideas, views or opinions… their perspective on our town politics. Please consider shifting her comments to the open… mainstream section of WW. Perhaps under “No Smirk Zone”… just a thought. ..judoth aro

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