Happy Earth Day

On the Liberal mouth puppets CBC radio this morning , they had a nostalgic audio clip of the report on the first earth day rallies in NY and Philly. Ah, those were the days – When the environmental movement was about sensible things like clean water, industrial waste and particulates. It drew support from all sides of the political spectrum.

Here are some stories for those of an environmental bent  to mark this pleasantly sunny day.

Subsidising  electric cars-

Alternate energy: Biofuels

and Wind

Ontario’s sterling green example

A little hypothesis, not, however, for the science adverse and some Sun fun.

Hope we didn’t ruin your day.


One response to “Happy Earth Day

  1. I’m pleased to see Roy Spencer is about to get his paper into print. (JGR only charges $10 for a reprint.) The global warming alarmists have always leaned heavily upon the unproven assumption that CO2 would cause a strong positive feedback with H20. I never could see why that should be so… except that it was a great meal-ticket for a certain pseudo-scientific crowd.