Heads roll

We continue to follow the earthquake in King County with interest and some much envy. The latest report, from Kirk Starratt, gives some details which interest us:

The consultants were Dimitri Pojidaeff and Sharon Patriquin of HR Group Management Consultants. Remember those names. Hopefully they will be contracted to take a look at our operations in Wolfville. If, as our some of our Councillors suggest, we are very well run then they could confirm it and restore the badly needed trust that is missing at the moment.

Following the presentation, the media was given time for questions and then the floor was opened to the public.

Former councillor John Griffiths was pleased to see results come out of the review in only two days. The cost of the review was considerably less than one undertaken in the mid-1990s that didn’t result in anything.

Nice to see that the process was so open, with a press release and questions. How much has Wolfville spent on consultants ( for surveys for example)  that didn’t gain us anything? This one study, we believe, would be worth the money and might save us in the long run. It would be worthwhile if only as reassurance that everything was functional.

There were some criticisms of the County’s move :

Marilyn Cameron said the county has been recognized as having one of the best planning staffs in the province, and she resents the practice of hiring outside planning consultants.

Of course. No one likes their flaws pointed out. But there are others who are open to improvement. This should tell the voters much about the nature of the respective Councillors.

Former councillor Madonna Spinazola believes it would be valuable to act on the recommendation for council to adopt  a system of an elected mayor instead of a warden. There was once a past situation where council drew the warden’s name from a hat.

Greg Coldwell complemented council for moving toward change.

Former councillor Merrill Ward congratulated council as well, especially new councillors, for getting the review on the road. He’s glad to see changes made in the planning department and he’s “glad to now, hopefully, have a county that’s open for business.”

New Councillors. We could use some more of those. That may be what it will take in Wolfville, too.


One response to “Heads roll

  1. Betty Morgan

    Wolfville could take a page from Port Williams book. Let’s see some community action in Wolfville that will ensure a prosperous or at least comfortable future for the residents who are aging.

    Let’s not just be changing the deck chairs on the Titanic.