It’s budget time in Kings County too and Council there  has taken radical steps. They have let go their CAO and several high paid staff members, “in an effort to save money, and become more efficient.

… we’ve taken a layer of bureaucracy out of it to help us be more efficient and more customer friendly,” Warden Fred Whalen said Wednesday.

Kings Co. Council was following the advice of consultants.
The council was often criticized as being dysfunctional and unable to make decisions. But members were unanimous in following the advice of consultants brought in from Alberta.
Unfortunately the consultants’ names were not mentioned in the report but we suggest our Council immediately find out and ask for them to look at Wolfville’s operations. This is one study we wouldn’t mind shelling out for. [We can dream can’t we?]
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One response to “Axed

  1. Nova Scotia, population not quite 1 million. Heck, that’s hardly a decent sized city… and yet we have endless municipalities and a provincial government to boot. What else? About a dozen School Boards and similar number of Health Boards. We have politician’s and bureaucrats oozing from every orifice.

    Is it any wonder that private enterprise is crushed under the weight of all the pointless politicians and their bumbling bureaucracy?

    Just as well we get that welfare cheque from the nice folks out West. Keep on digging those tar sands and keep the oil flowing… Without all that come-from-away-money we simply wouldn’t be able to keep our bureaucrats in the style to which they have become accustomed.