Winners and losers

There are winners and losers in the NS budget. We were not happy with the HST increase nor with some of the other tax measures but we suppose there are many who think taxing those who can “afford it” will increase their numbers. This cartoon from Ramirez was drawn as a comment on US affairs. Is it too cruel? Or like most cartoons does the exaggeration have a ring of truth?

If you feel you are taxed enough, do visit the TaxedEnough website and support their efforts. Please note also the event April 20th mentioned by Brent in the comments.


One response to “Winners and losers

  1. Taxed enough? That’s not the right question. The question should be: Are we being taxed fairly, is government open, transparent and ( perhaps, above all ) honest? With respect to taxation, whether that should be municipal, provincial or federal, there should never be “winners and losers” . . . there should only be winners! We’re all winners when the tax is fair, open, transparent and honest. Is it too much to ask that those we elect be honest? And if they are not, who is at fault? When municipal politicians mask tax increases by blaming assessment when the level of assessment has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of revenue collected, are they being honest? The “winners and losers” phrase is an interesting one. I recently brought it to the attention of a Wolfville councillor that some ratepayers were not “fairly and equally” taxed. After looking into the matter, over several months, this same councillor “received confirmation” that I was correct. His response: “There are winners and losers . . .” The losers are those who pay more tax whilst the winners are the rest of us who pay less tax because of the losers who pay ( unfairly ) a higher tax. But, please, do not be fooled! The town simply absorbs the higher taxes as windfall revenue just as it does with “assessment growth” or other added revenues which are stashed away in so-called “pots” or “reserves” whilst maintaining the tax rate. This is not fair, open or transparent and their accounting practices are highly questionable. If those we elect to municipal government are as morally and ethically bankrupt, as they appear to be, what hope can we have that our elected MLA’s and Members of Parliament are any better? Before you cast aspersions on those we elect, take a long hard look at the face in the mirror. If we seek integrity within our governance, we must make that a priority when casting our ballots. In the end, we’ll get what we deserve.