Diversity or

University? Although we searched the CH online we found no reference to this story. Perhaps with so few universities in the province it was felt it was  of no interest here. Oops. But we figure students at Acadia might want to know what is happening to University students in our nation’s capital and since The Ath seems to be defunct and the Campus Free Press pretty inactive ….

A well-known student supporter of Israel at Carleton University and an Israeli engineering student at the university say they are counting themselves lucky to have survived an attack with what they say was a machete near a Gatineau bar early Monday. … These people must have been Carleton students because I recognized one of them,” Bergamini said.

Perhaps these student were emboldened by the shut-down of the Coulter event at the U of O, Carleton’s sister University.

“If you are from the right wing or are a supporter of Israel, it gets around pretty quickly because Carleton is one of the worst campuses for having a division between Palestinian and Jewish students. It is a really polarized campus between left and right, Jewish and Arab students.”

Jason MacDonald, a spokesman for the University, said Carleton provided opportunities for students to discuss emotional issues.

Perhaps Mr. MacDonald should suggest you don’t need a machete to “discuss” emotional issues. Or do we accomodate to macheteculturalism.


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