Wolfville covered

Almost a whole page [p. 19] of Atlantic Frank’s issue 582 is devoted to Wolfville’s CAO contract and Mr Becker’s attempts to get details of it. The first part is entitled Cloak and Dagger in Wolfville . An excerpt:

Lutz has once again opted to go the Supreme Court route to unlock Wolfville’s vault of many secrets … A sense of deja vue is overwhelming, as Lutz is suing the town for the second time round to force the release of a pristine, unedited copy of the (cue organ music – ed.) mythic Stead letter.  … You’ll recall Lutz first sued town officials after a fruitless 18 month quest for answers, via the misnamed Freedom of Information Act. In Frank 581 I reported Lutz settled his row with Mayor Bob and Roy at a cost to taxpayers, some suggest, that hit about $17,000 in legal fees. …Turns lot, Lutz had a premature notion of settlement. The town did not release the full Stead letter as Lutz expected and the contents of the Stead letter’s blacked out paragraph elude him to this day. What heinous mystery does this missing paragraph foretell?

And guess who is Wolfville’s FOIPOP officer? The CAO, the subject of the application!

The second article is titled Roy’s Sweet deal [by Mega Bucks] and outlines for Frank readers what many of us already know, that Mr. Brideau’s pay and pension packet is extremely generous for a town this size. Having started in the mid 50K range, it jumped in 07/08 to 91K and has climbed to 100K plus for this year (10/11).

We’re talking serious change in a town with a tax base the size of Wolfville’s. For comparison’s sake, Robert Thibault is making $125,000 – per as CAO of Richmond County, an area vastly larger with nearly 2.5 times the population. Wolfville’s pension contributions seem equally as outlandish, er, generous. In Year 1, the town contributes 12% to Roy’s pension plan to Roy’s 6%. By Year 4 [that’s this year – Ww], Roy contributes nothing, while the town conribution maxes out to 18%. For contrast, our poor, beleaguered MLAs ante up 10% of their salaries for their cadillac pension plan, an amount the government, ie the taxpayer annually matches.

We guess that makes Brideau’s pension plan a Bugatti or a Ferrari pension plan!

Maybe Roy is worth every penny of his present and future take-home, I don’t know.

We know one thing.  Whether he is worth it or not, we can’t afford him and he should move on.

This Wolfville story is headlined on Frank’s cover, well,  at least on the Valley version shown below


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