Goody Two Shoes

A submission from Brian Sanderson with his response to the letter to the CH editor referenced in our last post [Look in Voices of the People for “Punish Comedian” linked below in Brian’s piece.].

Goody Two-Shoes and the Comedian

Goody Two-Shoes, surely one of Wolfville’s best and brightest, wants to see the B.C. (sub)Human Rights Commission punish a comedian for allegedly ridiculing a lesbian heckler. Goody Two-Shoes claims that “It is when quality of life is decreased by things such as ridicule, suppression, and abuse that human rights are violated.” See: Punish comedian.

What’s that? Ridicule, a violation of human rights! What wobbling waffle. Voltaire used ridicule as a potent tool when fighting injustice and absolutist power. If ridicule also serves to keep a loud-mouth in line then I say more power to ridicule. Goody Two-Shoes fairly froths at the mouth to see some poor comedian punished. I laugh at her pathetic indignation. As Voltaire said, “To laugh while taking vengeance is a great pleasure.” Well I’m no Voltaire, but I enjoy a laugh while defending comic freedom from the Kangaroo Court and a pickled lesbian with hurt feelings. If Goody Two-Shoes doesn’t like it, she’ll just have to lump it.

It is famously ironic that the Chronicle Herald featured a cartoon that ridiculed Michael Ignatieff on the very same page that the Goody Two-Shoes letter was published. I think we’d all fall over laughing if Mr. Ignatieff went running to the Human Rights Commission because his feelings were hurt.

Perhaps it’s just that homosexual people can’t be ridiculed? This would be a bit strange because it seems that it’s OK for the homo’s to ridicule us hetero’s. I know it must be so because I heard it on the CBC! A few months ago I had a “driveway moment”. A gang of homosexual men was being interviewed on CBC radio. These homosexuals, they called themselves another name that I’m too polite to repeat, made a rather remarkable claim. I can’t recall their exact words, but the gist of what they had to say was that homosexual sex was pure and loving whereas heterosexual sex was exploitative! I think their logic had something to do with the man exploiting the woman — it was difficult to know because the program was so poorly moderated. Sorry gays, and CBC, life doesn’t come with immunity from ridicule — and sometimes you are your own worst joke!

Now suppression, particularly suppression of speech, well, that is something we do know about here in Wolfville. Here in Wolfville, Council has rigorously instituted the very policy advocated by Goody Two-Shoes. Council, under the tutelage of Mayor Stead, have decided that they’ll not let a citizen speak least he say something they find disagreeable. Oh poor little Council, did they feel abused? Never mind, Goody Two-Shoes will save them.

But how can we be free from the excesses of Goody Two Shoes and quasi-judicial Human Rights Commissions? Goody Two Shoes isn’t simply this or that person. Goody Two Shoes is an infectious disease of the mind and ridicule is the antidote.


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