The fruits of a Liberal Education

Ivany in his interview with the Main Public Radio Network emphasized that Acadia offers a “liberal education”. We hope that our idea of a liberal education is what Acadia offers, but we strongly suspect the definition has changed. A liberal education is not what it used to be.

You don’t have to look very far to find the tyranny of nice. It is everywhere, encouraged we suspect by what is mistakenly still called a liberal education.

Mr. Wrye in his comments objects to our use of the phrase “echoes of jackboots”. But the stifling of opinion in municipal matters, which is  happening under our noses, is exactly what is happening elsewhere,  and everywhere.

Surely the similarity in these, seemingly disparate, events is not hard for someone with a truly liberal education to discern,  and yet at least one of our neighbours, who no doubt would say she has been liberally educated,  has NO trouble with this oppression at all. The list of  rights Tia wants does not include freedom of anything – speech, property, the free market of products or ideas,  or artistic expression. She wants what she wants, right now dammit,  and how dare anyone say her or her friends nay.

Classic liberalism is dead – well perhaps not , we hope not – but as an ideology it no longer predominates at most universities or in the party named after it. This has been said before but bears repeating.


One response to “The fruits of a Liberal Education

  1. Hey, here’s some info.

    Acadia is holding a debate on tidal power on Wed night (31 March) at 7 pm in the KC Irving Environmental Science Centre – Auditorium. It is open to the public and all are welcome to attend!

    Perhaps we can do more debates in future. Something like: “Be it resolved that although the Canadian Liberal Party still breaths, liberalism is dead in Canada.”