Ivany at work

We see that Acadia’s president is at work drumming up interest in Acadia in the New England States.  This effort, an interview on Conversations With Maine with host Frank Ferrel seems to be a better choice than previous attempts. It is quite lengthy but worth a listen.

A few highlights:

One of the best kept secrets of the Maritimes

The Ivy League of the east.

“Small college with a big reputation”

Liberal Arts Education

Top 3 in Maine topping 50K

In the Canadian Tradition [ ie not private]

Ivany intends to meet each of the students personally.

He rides a Honda Blackbird

Student engagement

The kind of education Acadia offers is increasingly rare.

Ivany is interested in the philosophy of science.

Tidal power research


2 responses to “Ivany at work

  1. Always a pleasure to watch a good man working hard. A few more USA students might be just what the doctor ordered. They’re pretty serious about defending their freedom of speech on the other side of the border. Perhaps a few border-hopping students will liven things up a bit.

  2. They might even appreciate Ann Coulter – and hang the cost.
    BTW – how much did that interview with Conversations with Maine cost, do you think? We think of the free press we could have had inviting Ann Coulter here to Acadia – and actually letting her speak … or not. My, my. We can dream can’t we?