Here’s to Earth Hour

Here’s to Earth Hour. It’s intent, we are told, is not necessarily to save energy but to “raise awareness“. Apparently it is a way to signal one’s “concern for the earth” visually across large distances.

Does it do that? Hmmm. We can look out on our street at 8:31 pm and see how many in our neighborhood are weak-minded – or wait,  maybe they are away and didn’t happen to leave any lights on. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Our green minded neighbour, who might be sitting in candle light – or in the dark – can look out and wonder, since our house lights will be blazing, whether we are retrograde deniers or just unaware or forgetful.  Not sure how that raises awareness of our or anyone’s care for the earth but it sure raises awareness of the World Wildlife Fund doesn’t it?

So here’s to the WWF, that august body which is behind this stunt. They are going from strength to strength, aren’t they? We don’t suppose they care about selling cards anymore since they have found better ways of raising money.

If the world’s largest, richest environmental campaigning group, the WWF – formerly the World Wildlife Fund – announced that it was playing a leading role in a scheme to preserve an area of the Amazon rainforest twice the size of Switzerland, many people might applaud, thinking this was just the kind of cause the WWF was set up to promote. …

If it then emerged, however, that a hidden agenda of the scheme to preserve this chunk of the forest was to allow the WWF and its partners to share the selling of carbon credits worth $60 billion, to enable firms in the industrial world to carry on emitting CO2 just as before, more than a few eyebrows might be raised.

60 BILLION! That’s no small change. You can read the whole article to discover how entangled the WWF is with the IPCC and the climate fraud business.

WWF, … already earns £400 million yearly, much of it contributed by governments and taxpayers

That’s us! Obviously Earth Hour is a hugely successful advertisement for this corporation which sells what?  Indulgences? And produces what? Peace of Mind?  April 1 would be a more appropriate date for this silly ritual.

We refuse to be the shills in the crowd to create buzz for the WWF in this Age of Persuasion. Our family plan involves doing nothing different than we usually do in that hour. See if you can spot us why don’t you?

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5 responses to “Here’s to Earth Hour

  1. Betty Morgan

    WWF – Isn’t that the Worldwide Wrestling Federation?

  2. Why should we be raising eyebrows over WWF’s support of carbon credits if like you suggest, climate change is just a fraud?

    Here’s a neat website with lots of information and answers to some FAQ’s regarding climate change. Perhaps you’ll find it worth while reading something supported by factual science as opposed to illogical perception.

  3. At $60b, I’d call it World Wide Fraud.

  4. I think the aim is to make us like North Korea which has it down cold.