Public silenced in Wolfville

We always take note of letters to the editor from Wolfville residents when we spot them. There was one from David Daniels in this morning’s CH. It is very much in line with his submission posted previously but we copy it here anyway.

Public silenced

When I began to attend Wolfville council meetings about four years ago, members of the public could ask questions or make comments about any item on the agenda. About a year ago that practice ended. Public input at meetings was then limited to asking questions during question period at the beginning of council meetings. Several months ago, this practice ended. Now at question period, only councillors are asked if they have questions. Public participation at council meetings has ended in Wolfville.

It is unclear whether these changes were made by Mayor Stead on his own initiative, with other council members simply not raising any objection.

In November of 2009, council adopted five Core Principles of Governance and Service Provision, the fifth of which is “Transparency and Participatory Government.”

Council meetings in Wolfville now move along smoothly without “interference” from the public while council seems unaware of its own hypocrisy.

David A. Daniels, Wolfville

We would hope that this is embarrassing to Mayor and Council but we wonder if anything can shame them.


One response to “Public silenced in Wolfville

  1. I guess we’re supposed to be contented to talk to those communications people that the Town hired on our dime… Does that work for you? Me neither.