Sanity in Hantsport

Every once in a while we see a letter to the CH that makes eminent sense and encourages us. Perhaps not everyone around is insane. Perhaps there are those out there who think clearly. We don’t see or hear enough of them, perhaps because such people don’t tend to write letters to the editor, or perhaps because editors are loathe to print their letters. Whatever. Here is one such letter which escaped the censors. Here’s to you Mr. J. W.  Beveridge of Hantsport, whoever you are.

Too much government

Nova Scotians in general, apart from letter writers and a few making their voices known at Finance Minister Graham Steele’s meetings, don’t protest effectively enough about high taxes and over-reaching public servants.

Of course, some Nova Scotians don’t get it, or have an ideological bias justifying 50 per cent of provincial incomes stemming from public-sector activity. And probably a good many have spouses or in-laws working in the public sector, so we let “civility” hold the province back. We need more incentive to concern ourselves with government efficiency.

Can we hope for pressure for change from the rest of Canada, at least that portion of it which provides the equalization payments Nova Scotia receives? If the federal government could press for a performance quid pro quo from the province for equalization payments, the chances of meaningful reform would improve.

In short, the equalization regime should require that provinces like Nova Scotia not have above-standard levels of financing or staffing for given functions. I would welcome this pressure on us to reduce the number and staff of health and school boards, municipal councillors, and the large population of officials and tax-eaters, etc., that we are now dedicating to functions that are apparently performed at least as effectively with fewer resources in other jurisdictions.

J.W. Beveridge, Hantsport

We would wish that Mr. Beveridge have an in depth conversation with Mr. Brideau, a Hantsport resident, who is running Wolfville into the red mud.


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