Wolfville uncovered

We haven’t heard much about the “wolfville uncovered” project since its inception but it has prompted a few wags to consider the irony in the phrase. This image was contributed by a Wolfville resident and reader of Ww.

The image, also given to the Mud Creek News*, tops one of the latest offerings by Lutz Becker available in the Post Office (if it hasn’t been trashed!)

Here are some excerpts from his broadsheet; the headline reads “What else is the Town trying to keep covered up?”

In my previous court case the Town came up with the legal argument that the financial provisions for CAO Brideau – outlined in Mayor Stead’s letter in the background of the manhole – were made valid and binding in the yearly budget decisions where nobody could find them in very summarized budget positions. The budget 2010-11 will be decided very soon and prior to it the public should ask for all the other “hidden” Stead/Breadeau contracts with financial obligations covered up by generalized budget statements.

Unfortunately the public cannot ask any questions anymore during public council meetings. Lately Stead changed without any objections from our Town Councillors a common procedure in place for years which allowed questions from the audience; noe the “Question Period” is reserved for the “table” only.

What a farce to read the Council’s own core principle “Transparency and Participatory Government” while Councillors obviously do not understand its plain English text.

Mr. Becker goes on to inform the public about the Mayor and CAO’s move upstairs behind a secured door and asks ” No open door policy for Wolfville residents? Should we the residents dare ask what goes on behind these closed/locked doors of Wolfville Town Hall?”

*The March Issue of the Mud Creek News is also out now with several articles by David Daniels and another one by Lutz Becker. All are worth documenting here and we will cover them in our next post but in the meantime look for them at the Post Office.

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