End 10 percenters

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is adding their voice to the Liberal campaign to end wasteful 10 percenters.  Here is the request from the CTF team, including their links.

Tomorrow, March 16, all Members of Parliament will vote on a motion to end the most offensive aspect of MP junk mail.

Known as “ten percenters” in Ottawa, the CTF has long stood against this wasteful and abusive practice, particularly when MPs mail partisan propaganda to constituents that aren’t even their own!  All at taxpayers’ expense of course.

Last week at a national press conference the CTF awarded the junk mail sent by our federal politicians its federal Teddy award for government waste.

This motion is being put forward by the Opposition. Rumour has it that the Bloc are also poised to support the motion.  It is imperative that members of the Conservative and NDP caucus support this motion as well to ensure its passage.  Please send an e-mail to the NDP and Conservative (A to F, H to O, P to Z caucuses urging them to end these junk mailers.  Alternatively, you can contact the leaders of all four parties (Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc) as well as your own MP urging them to support the same.

It’s more than just the few million in savings.  It’s the symbolic recognition that our elected officials – of all parties – stop using our tax dollars for silly partisanship at a time we’re going into debt $134-million a day.

We heartily agree with this campaign and hope the motion is passed. Taxpayers should not be footing this bill.


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