Atlantica our Wild Rose Party?

There’s a new boy on the block. The Atlantica Party is now an official, recognised party and …

… its president says it intends to run a candidate in every riding at the next provincial election.

The Atlantica Party’s Jonathan Dean said the new entity will run on a platform promoting fiscally conservative policies and electoral reform.

“It’s refreshing to see how much hunger there is actually out there for reform and how dispirited the typical Nova Scotia voter is,” Dean said Wednesday. [more]

Although we can see how he finds the hunger for reform refreshing, Surely he doesn’t find  it “refreshing” that NS voters are dispirited. Perhaps the reporter should have made that clearer? However, that is by the way.

The Atlantica Party is Nova Scotia’s only principled alternative and Nova Scotia’s only fiscally conservative party. AP is a grassroots pro-democracy movement in the form of a political party intent on giving Nova Scotians a real option for reform, reform of our electoral system, reform of our political system and a set of economic reforms aimed at making Nova Scotia prosperous for the first time in many, many years! The three status-quo parties offer mediocrity, only the Atlantica Party can offer a re-birth of Nova Scotia for the 21st century

Is this the grass roots party which will offer a real alternative as many of us have wished for these many years? Will it take off as the Wild Rose Party has out west, where it is earning the support of 42% of Albertans, second only to the PCs which have 27% according to one poll?

Atlantica’s first chance to campaign could come in the vacant Yarmouth riding.

Progressive Conservative MLA Richard Hurlburt resigned the seat in February but a byelection date has not been announced.

Certainly the PCs in NS are nothing but Liberals or dippers in blue rinse.

One response to “Atlantica our Wild Rose Party?

  1. Good luck to Mr Dean and the Atlantica Party (TAP). Sadly political parties often seem to end up converging on mediocrity — after all they have to win a popularity contest in order to be deemed successful.

    It seems that deception is a most potent tool for winning popularity contests. We see this most clearly in the aftermath of our recent election. The N-Double-Dippers — and their rotten-to-the-core competitors — campaigned by carefully avoiding the major issue. Then, having got elected, they pretend to have just discovered the fiscal black hole at the center of our province. So off they go on a highly orchestrated tour of public consultation… all carefully crafted to justify hiking taxation and foisting an ever more burdensome big-brother government upon us.

    None of the political parties were honest and neither was much of the electorate. The last election should have seen political parties putting forward debt-management platforms so that a full range of views could have been explored and voted on.

    If TAP can do better, I’d be greatly impressed but I’m not optimistic about their prospects.