Estabrooks damn angry?

He’s damn angry? We’re damn angry. Bill Estabrooks expects US to accept his charities as our own. How dare he?

Estabrooks was the most generous giver amongst MLAs. He spent $29,750 [of OUR money] on donations and gifts over the 12 months before the June election, more than any other member. He also spent $14,674 on advertising.

That will have to end after the internal economy board decimated advertising spending limits to about $400 per month — one-tenth of the previous maximum. Another $1,050 fund was cut altogether. …

He said the recipients of his donations included church groups, sports teams and needy constituents.

We are not saying they are not worthy causes, but OUR personal charitable giving is not taxpayer supported so why should his be? He doesn’t get it, he really doesn’t get it. He STILL doesn’t get it.

He mentioned one case where he helped a single mother afford to enroll her kids in hockey and gymnastics. “I guess I can’t help her out anymore. That’s the way it goes,” he said.

Yes you CAN Bill, out of your own [well paid] personal pocket like the rest of us. People can be very “generous” indeed if they are spending other peoples money!!!! That is not our definition of generosity.

Estabrooks’ most controversial advertising was to have a junior hockey team wear “Bill MLA” on the backs of its jerseys. He said he was hurt by accusations of vote buying, and said that was never his intention.

There doesn’t have to be a rule to tell anyone this is just wrong unless it is HIS money or from party coffers not the taxpayers.


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