Quote to note

One step forward at the legislature. One step back at city hall.

With Nova Scotians thundering for a public clean-up of a system that permitted abuses uncovered by the auditor general, the groundhogs on the IEB finally submitted to the principle that deliberations about their loosey-goosey allowances should take place under the public eye. …

But at Halifax city hall, it was a different story as councillors burrowed deeper into the darkness.

Council held its second day of in-camera “debate” on an undisclosed consultant’s report from the police commission which had recommended policing of the entire municipality by Halifax Regional Police. Removing the RCMP from policing suburban and rural areas is clearly too important and controversial an issue to be decided without public examination of the report and an open debate. But councillors went ahead and decided the issue in private anyway. They voted in-camera to stay with the status quo, which may be good politics but is not good democracy.


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