Taxed enough

We’d like to call this gathering to our readers’ attention. It’s organised by a relatively new group “Taxed Enough Nova Scotia” [TENS].

We are a non partisan grassroots movement of hard working Nova Scotians looking to make a difference by opposing any tax increase by the current government and working towards keeping more of our hard earned dollars.

Despite flat revenues, our MLAs have dramatically increased spending over the last few years causing a fiscal crisis in Nova Scotia. The proposed government response is to tax its way out the mess it created. But we are Taxed Enough (if not overtaxed).

Just like us government needs to work with what it has and make some hard choices. That is what our MLAs are paid for.

This is a non partisan movement for people from all political backgrounds. We want your opinion, suggestions, your feelings and your research. What has been, or will be, the impact on you as our MLAs continue to mismanage the finances of this great province?

We plan public gatherings to send a clear message to our MLAs, that we are Taxed Enough!

The group is meeting tonight, 6pm at the Tantallon Tim Horton’s ( Hammonds Plains Rd and 103) then on to Shining Waters Marine, 7-9 pm.

We hope Municipal spending and taxation will be discussed as this black hole is sometimes overlooked.


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2 responses to “Taxed enough

  1. It would be good to have a group here- I look forward to reports from tonight’s meetings. Feeling inundated by the present and what is to come.

  2. There is another meeting coming up as well.

    You are cordially invited to a discussion with Peter Moreira, author of “Backwater: Nova Scotia’s Economic Decline.” Mr. Moreira brings with him his decades of journalistic experience with such notable organizations as Bloomberg News and Canadian Press as well as his extensive research on the past, present, and future (if things don’t change soon) state of Nova Scotia’s economy.

    There is no cost and for your FREE ticket (TICKET ATTACHED)
    RSVP to: We also suggest you bring some money for food, coffee or tea to help support the restaurant for allowing us at no cost. Peter will also have some books on hand for purchase. Peter is not charging a speaking fee so please support his work.

    Date: April 20
    Time: 8pm
    Where: Tom’s Family Restaurant, Lower Sackville NS


    7:55 – 8:10pm order some food and coffee (optional)
    8:10 – 8:50pm presentation from Mr. Moreira
    8:50-9:10pm questions and discussion with for Moreira
    9:10 – 9:30pm group discussion at tables