Taxpayers livid

It’s a revolt all over the country. In Nova Scotia taxpayers are livid about MLA’s picking taxpayers pockets to feather their own nests.

Dexter said he told the leaders about a plan for legislation this spring that will replace the secretive Internal Economy Board, which set expense rules, with a management commission that will be transparent.

Now there’s a misnomer – Internal Economy Board.

In Calgary the auditor has found a few problems too.

The city will review 100 contracts — including the deal to design a controversial pedestrian bridge — after realizing it has no comprehensive policy to guide purchasing decisions.

“What we’re seeing is consistent with an absence of rules,” city auditor Tracy McTaggart says …

Clear rules around putting goods and services out to tender is key to preventing corruption, said Scott Hennig, Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“It isn’t rocket science that you should have a procurement policy” he said. “It’s dangerous when there’s not that level of oversight and rules required for tenders and proper reporting mechanisms.”

Oshawa residents are demanding a politician and political staffer return $46,000 of taxpayers’ money used to pay for MBA degrees. …Critics charge [Mayor John] Gray breached policy and overstepped his authority when he acted alone in signing off on the degrees from the University of Cape Breton, which Cullen and Anderson began in 2008.

Councillor Louise Parkes plans to ask for reimbursement to the city at Monday’s council meeting.

This has to be paid back because it’s an unauthorized expenditure of tax funds,” said Parkes, who’s getting calls from “some pretty angry folks.” The mayor “ignored policy” and exceeded his powers under the municipal act, she said. [emph ours]

We don’t know why, but that sounds sooooooo familiar.

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow when the mayor says, `I’m the boss of council,’ and just writes a cheque,” ..

So says one resident who is struggling to retrain herself after losing her job. She’s started a Facebook group to make residents aware and urge Councillors to “do the right thing” and return the money to taxpayers.

It’s happening all over and taxpayers are getting pretty angry. When will the residents of Wolfville wake up? When will our new Councillors repay the trust given to them in the last election based on their campaign promises of fiscal responsibility and openness?  When will pigs fly?

“I will hold my head up high because I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Because it isn’t prohibited in the rules? If there isn’t a rule it’s okay? Where have we heard that before?


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