Safely ashore

Two Nova Scotians with Acadia connections were on the Concordia.

Known Nova Scotia survivors were Truro’s Kate Braedley, 24, and Wolfville’s Maurice Tugwell, a retired university professor. Both were instructors aboard the ship.

With some harrowing stories to tell!

Kate Braedley graduated from Acadia University with her education degree last May and left to participate in the sailing classroom program in September. [CH -source]

We believe this was Maurice Tugwell’s second stint with Class Afloat. Are we right in thinking his first was on the Picton Castle? We wonder whether he will go out again after this.

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  1. I’m not sure about his stints with Class Afloat, but the Picton Castle isn’t affiliated with Class Afloat at all. The two Class Afloat ships are/were the Concordia and the Chopin.