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Leave it to Frank Magazine to break the press silence on the court case between resident Lutz Becker and Town of Wolfville , and the mayor himself, a case which some of us are aware of but which the Town doesn’t really want to mention at all if it can help it. Taking their cues from that, the local papers haven’t seen fit to give this “vexatious” suit even a half inch.

The bit in Frank is dressed up in typical bunker style. Here it is in its entirety as reported [p. 18] by “Pat Answer” [shouldn’t that be Pat Anser?] punctuated by our comments:

Stupid Secret Story of the Week

Perennial shit disturber Lutz Becker tells me he recently settled his Supreme Court action against the Town of Wolfville and Mayor Bob Stead.

Frank calls Becker a shit disturber. We call him a resident hero. Settled? The Town caved. They paid all expenses and for once they didn’t get a “non-disclosure” clause.

A Supreme Court action !!!, Supreme Court!!!! and not a word in the Advertiser. [Asleep at the switch Wendy –  or is it something else?]

Lutz sued Mayor Bob and the town to cough up details of CAO Roy Brideau’s contract, info Lutz believes should be publicly accessible at the town council forum.

Perhaps Lutz didn’t think to mention to Frank that the Municipal Government Act mandates that, among other things, contracts be approved in an open meeting and not in closed chambers and that pension contribution increases cannot exceed a certain amount. Becker’s investigations cast some doubt that the supposed contract is legit and he feels that at least the details should be a matter of public record.

“They don’t understand the word accountability, the word transparency, or public participation,” he argues (Who does? – ed.)

True enough and no amount of our taxpayers money spent on consultants from as far away as Ontario will teach the unteachable how to be honest with those they are supposed to be there to serve.

Asked why he bothered to go to the cumbersome court route, after long and frustrating fight with our Kafkaesque “freedom of information” silly servants, Lutz replies, “I’m retired; I like to have fun about what’s going on here, and I don’t like to watch stupid Canadian television all day.”

That quote sounds flippant and it sounds as if Lutz isn’t really a serious guy and that this is a frivolous action. To assume this would be a mistake, a mistake that the Town of Wolfville and the Mayor made early on. We think  Mr. Becker is very serious indeed and his intent is not at all frivolous.

Lawyer David Daniels makes up Lutz’s legal dream team.

We applaud Daniels’ support of Mr. Becker. And Lutz is getting advice and aid from a number of sources.

Lutz who says he has a copy of the CAO’s contract, informs me Roy draws over $100,000 – per, not bad considering the Wolfville tax base consists of a tiny university and a population under 4,000.

A tiny University? But the CAO does not have to help manage the university only a small town, a very small town. And not mentioned is the other terms  of the contract (a new contract which revised substantially the initial reasonable one) with new, over the MGA limit pension contributions and – apparently – no yearly evaluation reports.)

Brideau lives in Hants Border, the scenic community outside Hantsport in Kings County.

Where taxes are lower.

I am hearing Lutz’s public crusade cost the town as much as $17,000 in legal fees. Why they didn’t just fork over the info and avoid the whole court route is, of course, a question for Mayor Bob, who did not return my message.

Stay tuned.

Stay tuned indeed. This is just a prelim.

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4 responses to “Blogging Frank 579

  1. Was that the “very small town” that punches above its weight? No, it’s Mr Becker by a TKO!

  2. As far as Mr. Becker being a “Perennial shit disturber”… it stands to reason… if there was no “SHIT” to disturb in the first place Mr. Becker would not be so effective in the pursuit for TRUTH concerning the practicing methods of Wolfville Municipality. (As far as the cost of $17,000 goes… as a Wolfville resident I would like the town to provide us with a step by step ITEMIZED STATEMENT of exactly what was involved; let’s be open and transparent about this…) Thank u as always for allowing me to voice my opinion… Judoth Aro

    • Some might say that Frank Magazine calling anybody a shit disturber would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but we think that in fact Franklanders pride themselves on being shit disturbers and so describing Mr. Becker in those terms was a compliment from them and a badge of honour.

  3. Judoth is dead right; the Town has a habit of being more than a bit vague about how it spends our money.

    Three cheers for the shit disturbers!