People need to know

The headline reads –  “Wolfville Mayor: people need to know political game”

The story is in reference to the case the town has with Kings Co. over education funding and Mayor Stead is reported to have said:

“Our public deserves to know the context (of the education decision),” …“There are so many dimensions to this that were not thought out.”

The public certainly does deserve to know, but the case the mayor is talking about in the article is not the one we want to know more about and not the one which is not being talked about.

We could rephrase that sentence to read:

Our public deserves to know the context (of the CAO “contract” issue),” … “There are so many dimensions to this that were not thought out.”

But this statement as reconstructed could not be a quote attributed to the mayor because he and the town have carefully kept this political “game” OUT of the public eye and out of the press. So far. But truth will out.

We figure Len Goucher, and Richard Hurlburt didn’t expect public scrutiny either, and yes it is painful.

The mayor is right, people need to know.


5 responses to “People need to know

  1. Holy flabberwocky Wendy, what was that you were saying? Jabber-the-Kings-Hut pulled a sneaky-polly on our three-term Super-Hero Steadman and now he’s all cry-baby!

    Remarkable that the Advertiser article can be so full of they-done-me-wrong and so devoid of the specific data that citizens really need to know. Time to change the name of our town back to Mudville; clear as political mud that is. Maybe MudSling would be better?

    Like man, has anyone been counting all the empty seats on those Kings Transit buses that drive constantly back and forth through the streets of Mudville. Folks, that one cost us $110,000 last year — and Steadman wants to expand the “service”. Taxpayers, you’ve been kept in the dark and thrashed. Now, prepare to be reamed out.

  2. Superiorly informed community member

    Yeah, providing better public transit is a totally backwards idea. No forward thinking community has ever improved their public transit services and seen any kind of positive outcome.

    Lets give more money to a county who allowed a place like New Minas to develop and take money away from towns where there are human beings and sidewalks instead of cars trucks vans and traffic lights.

  3. Hey there don’t forget Wolfville. We too need your money. More parking for all those Acadia commuters and ” Market” dwellers. We need more signs to adorn the streetscape. We need more crosswalks and traffic lights .We need more coffee shops ,pizza joints and expensive restaurants to quench the thirst and fuel the stomachs of the rich , famous and locavores. Forget the public transport that idles on Main Street while the drivers smoke on the sidewalk, taking up valuable parking space and carrying empty seats on lonely journeys. Fund Acadia’s student enrolment policies in attracting foreign students with their expensive cars and reliance on cigarette smoking drivers in idling cars on Irving owned lots. Finally,bring back the train before we run out of Irving blessed oil .That’s where your tax dollars should be spent. Let’s fuel the local economy…Live long King Stead and prosper.

  4. The right sort of public transport is a good idea for the right place under the right set of circumstances. But why have a bus service that is barely used? Kings Transit does not work. (Or is it that those who advocate for it don’t work, whatever?)

    So “Superiorly informed”, what’s the problem with New Minas? I say, people vote with their feet (and automobiles). I see far more folk perambulating the malls of New Minas than the streets of Wolfville. If those all-but-empty buses serve any function at all, it is probably taking a handful of shoppers into New Minas.

    Wishful thinking is no excuse for ignoring the empirical facts. Driving empty buses around is just plain stupid. I don’t mind people wasting their own money — but I get mighty upset when they rob me blind with outrageous taxation in order to indulge in harebrained fantasies.

    Superiorly informed, forget everything that Super-Hero Steadman told you and open your eyes.

    There are plenty of things that Wolfville could do to carve a superior business niche for itself — without simply crying “New Minas shouldn’t have been allowed”. The only thing holding this town back is muddle-headed nonsense.