Our list – updated

UPDATE: As you see we have had to cross off a few more from our list below based on what we saw in the combined list of expenses now released.

And we pay for it twice?

The latest news in the MLA spending scandal is that Hurlburt has resigned. And so he should.  In the CH this morning was a list, released we guess by House Speaker Charlie Parker, with names of  MLAs tagged with inappropriate or excessive expenses and exposed, although not named, by the auditor’s report. Will the others resign also?

All the talk of changing and “tightening” the rules obscures the fact, obvious to any right thinking person [see the comments], that there already is a rule in place against this kind of behavior.  It is “Thou shalt not steal” although differently expressed in the criminal code.

As one commenter to one of the CH articles on line said:

I think the real problem has been overlooked. Lack of ETHICS and lack of MORALS, and that won’t change.

Of interest to us are the MLAs who did NOT get tagged by the auditor so we have taken the list of sitting MLAs and removed the names of the offenders either listed or self-confessed, leaving these.

Bain, Keith     PC     Victoria-The Lakes
Belliveau, Sterling     NDP     Shelburne
Birdsall, Pam     NDP     Lunenburg
Boudreau, Jim     NDP     Guysborough-Sheet Harbour
Burrill, Gary     NDP     Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley
Casey, Karen     PC     Colchester North
Clarke, Cecil     PC     Cape Breton North
Conrad, Vicki     NDP     Queens
Corbett, Frank     NDP     Cape Breton Centre
d’Entremont, Chris A.     PC     Argyle
Estabrooks, Bill     NDP     Timberlea – Prospect
Glavine, Leo     L     Kings West
Gosse, Gordie     NDP     Cape Breton Nova
Jennex, Ramona     NDP     Kings South
Kent, Becky     NDP     Cole Harbour – Eastern Passage
Landry, Ross     NDP     Pictou Centre
MacDonald, Manning     L     Cape Breton South
MacDonald, Maureen     NDP     Halifax Needham
MacKinnon, Clarrie     NDP     Pictou East
MacMaster, Allan     PC     Inverness
McNeil, Stephen     L     Annapolis
More, Marilyn     NDP     Dartmouth South-Portland Valley
Morton, Jim     NDP     Kings North
Paris, Percy     NDP     Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank
Peterson-Rafuse, Denise     NDP     Chester-St. Margaret’s
Porter, Chuck     PC     Hants West
Prest, Sidney     NDP     Eastern Shore
Ramey, Gary     NDP     Lunenburg West
Raymond, Michèle     NDP     Halifax Atlantic
Regan, Kelly     L     Bedford-Birch Cove
Samson, Michel     L     Richmond
Scott, Murray     PC     Cumberland South
Skabar, Brian     NDP     Cumberland North
Smith, Maurice     NDP     Antigonish
Steele, Graham     NDP     Halifax Fairview
Theriault, Harold Jr.     L     Digby-Annapolis
Whalen, Diana     L     Halifax Clayton Park
Whynott, Mat     NDP     Hammonds Plains-Upper Sackville
Wilson, Dave     NDP     Sackville-Cobequid
Younger, Andrew     L     Dartmouth East
Zann, Lenore     NDP     Truro – Bible Hill
Zinck, Trevor    NDP     Dartmouth North

Many of the persons on the offenders list are no longer sitting MLAs, having been removed by the last election; the corollary of that is that many new MLAs haven’t been there long enough to get steeped in the culture of entitlement.  So it does not mean the above MLAs are lily white, but we are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. We will see how many are shown up by the next auditors list!

And here’s a suggestion;

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil … made another suggestion to post MLA expenses online.

“If you spend it, you must defend it to your constituents,” McNeil said.

How about every Provincial Government expenditure over a certain amount  put online? [Seems to us that has been done – Guess who!]

PS   Meanwhile the Premier has been complaining to the press about what they were saying.

I did receive a complaint from Dexter’s office about my Saturday item stating that the Arizona trip marked Dexter’s second one-week vacation in the past two months.

The first was his holiday in Spain in advance of his Copenhagen visit in December. His office says it was only four days. Sorry about that.

But they never acknowledged that the Arizona trip was not one week, but two, as reporters learned Monday.

Had Harper complained about press coverage like this on such a minor difference , can you imagine?


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