Only 40% finish in 4?

“...39 per cent of students who began studies in 2001 had left university without completing a degree.

Does that figure seem high to you? Not only that, only 39% graduated within 4 years.

The figures come from a report done by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission .

We are to be consoled by the fact that almost 60% finish in 6 years and apparently 19% of those early leavers do return within 5 years. Also, we are told:

According to research from the Youth in Transition Survey, the five-year graduation rate of Canadian university students rises from 52% to 69% if students who switch programs and complete their degree at another institution are included.

Still, given the degree of subsidization our Maritime Universities require, these numbers are disturbing.

The study followed a 2001 cohort of students entering directly from High school and raises a number of questions.

We were interested to see that persistence was higher in disciplines other than the humanities.

Take a look at the rest. Interesting stuff.

We applaud the effort to develop.  “areas of measurement, including persistence and graduation rates and course success,” so that comparisons can be made.

Where does Acadia stand? It would be interesting for Acadia to look at its figures and see.


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