Films we’ll never see …

We are pleased to announce a new theme here at WW, ie. films we will never see at Acadia Cinema [or CBC !].

First in our series:

A Film about how the UN has become a clubhouse of dictators, thugs, and tyrants….

When the United Nations was founded more than sixty years ago, it embodied our hope for a safer, more peaceful world. But as reports of human rights violations and international conflicts make daily headlines, a question arises: Is the United Nations living up to its founding ideals?

The answer is a resounding no.

In a film that exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations, filmmakers Ami Horowitz and Matthew Groff show how an organization created to ennoble mankind now actually enables evil and sows global chaos. U.N. Me takes us on a harrowing and darkly humorous tour of the U.N.’s scandalous disregard for the people and principles it was founded to defend.

If you happen to be in Ottawa Jan 25th you can see it on January 25, 2010, 7:00 PM at the National Archives/Library of Canada, 395 Wellington

Admission:  $12.00  Ami Horowitz, the Producer of the film, will also be on hand to answer questions.

Put on by the Free Thinking Film Society

...established in 2007 in Ottawa to provide an outlet for filmmakers and moviegoers alike who are looking for an alternative to the ‘alternative’. In other words, we celebrate the efforts of risk-taking documentarians whose work espouses the values of limited, democratic government, free market economies, equality of opportunity rather than equality of result, and the dignity of the individual, all underscored by a healthy and patriotic respect for Western culture and traditions.

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2 responses to “Films we’ll never see …

  1. Nancy Saul-Demers

    In response to your new theme “films we will never see at Acadia Cinema” I’d like to offer some facts:

    -the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd. owns and operates the Al Whittle Theatre on Wolfville’s main street – the co-op provides the venue, it does not show films

    -anyone can rent the theatre to present any legal film – the non-profit rental rate is $275 while the rate for corporations and political parties is $440

    -there were 193 events at the Acadia Cineman Co-op’s Al Whittle Theatre last year (July 1 2008 – June 30, 2009) including 122 film screenings (106 screenings of 62 films presented by the Fundy Film Society, Wolfville and Area Cinema for Kids and Youth, K-Rock-89.3 FM, National Film Board of Canada, Arthur Irving Academy of the Environment, Wolville School, Acadia University Department of Music, Camp Triumph,and Acadia University Botantical Conference). The Ecology Action Centre, Just Us!, the Wolville Rotary Club, Valley Disability Partnership Society, Oxfam Canada, Slow Food Nova Scotia, The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia and the Wolfville Cubs are just a few of many provincial and community groups that have also rented and screened films at the Al Whittle Theatre.

    Anyone with questions about renting the Al Whittle Theatre or questions or concerns about films shown at the venue can check out the theatre’s web site (, the co-op’s web site ( or call the theatre’s volunteer manager at (902) 542-3344.

    Nancy Saul-Demers
    on behalf of the Acadia Cinema Cooperative’s Public Relations Committee

  2. Thank you for the information (that we already were aware of but which may be news to our readers) that anyone with the money (whether their own or a group’s funds) can book the theatre.
    We persist in our thinking however – our opinion, prediction, judgement – that this will not be a movie we will see playing there but who knows. Pigs might fly and we will be proved wrong. Maybe the sceptics at the pub group will fund/risk a showing. 🙂