The answer my friend is…

The answer my friend is not blowin’ in the wind.

Nova Scotia Power is spending $28 million to kick-start a stalled wind power project in Point Tupper. …

Last month, Emera Inc. bought 50 per cent of another financially troubled wind farm, in Digby. Troubled SkyPower Inc. of Toronto had partnered with Scotian WindFields on the project.


A Nova Scotia wind developer doesn’t want to hand over $550,000 to Nova Scotia Power for not meeting its deadline to deliver green electricity.


Acciona Energy Canada is reviewing the feasibility of its proposed 30-megawatt wind project near Amherst that would provide enough electricity for 10,000 homes.

The project, to include 20 turbines, has been on hold since last March and missed the Nov. 30 deadline in its contract to begin providing electricity to Nova Scotia Power.

Meanwhile in the UK:

Wind farms produced “practically no electricity” during the cold snap which manufacturers’ groups say could lead to severe winter energy shortages.

We think they are all just whistling Dixie!

One response to “The answer my friend is…

  1. One of the curiosities of life is why rents are so high in Wolfville. If the stores are fully owned by a landlord, why are tenants being gouged? If they are mortgaged, are the rents carrying the price of the interest or the entire mortgage?
    If people who own buildings outright are overcharging for rent, then we are going down the tubes. If rents were accountable to the public, wouldn’t it help to keep them within limits? We want our businesses to be successful, don’t we?

    Just my opinion, of course.