Municipal tax reform

On municipal  tax reform:

’You live on the (Northwest) Arm or you live somewhere in a beautiful site that looks at the water . . . where you live is worth more than the services you get.’

GLORIA McCLUSKEY Dartmouth councillor

From the comments:

The only thing my place and others here overlook is the other mini homes here….

Wealth redistribution is the job of our income system…not the property tax system….

The City has lived beyond it’s needs, and so much money has been wasted on pipe dream schemes and consultant studies. Good luck trying to move this City forward with the lack of leadership and competence from this bunch of clowns. The only thing this Council succeeds at is P***ing off it’s residents….

Property taxes punish long-time residents, they discourage people from making investments in their property, they actually encourage people to behave like slum landlords and turn Downtown properties into parking lots, they reduce accountability by hiding costs from renters, and most troubling of all they have no relation to a person’s actual income….

One last thing while i thiink of it; what does this ‘deep [deed] transfer tax’ (1.5%) on the purchase price of a new house get you? There is no service provided for this tax. It is merely a money grad [grab] by the HRM which i would be willing to bet has kept housing prices relatively depresed….

What we have is an HRM government that has enjoyed a tax windfall and they are working hard to spend it so they don’t have to give it back as a tax reduction. These Councillors voted for the increases in spending and now they need to help fix the problem by reducing taxes to a livable level. Civic taxes are for services, they have no relation to property value or income. Everyone should be paying the same taxes: $1200 for homeowners, $800 for seniors and apartment dwellers. Call it government we can afford. Taxation at the current levels is going to drive people (and their businesses) out of HRM and we’ll be left with a slum. …

That pretty well says it all .


4 responses to “Municipal tax reform

  1. Wow sounds like Wolfville!

  2. via Facebook:
    Bob Ashley
    It’s a good debate, drilling right down to the ideological roots of taxation, vertical and horizontal equity, social well-being, responsibility to the “other” versus self, access, class, fairness and power.

  3. If we go from the concept of a view determining taxation then we should get a discount for looking at the the woeful facade of the Wolfville School. Then you could always add in the fact that our street is regularly littered with candy wrappers, empty beer cans and liquor bottles and today, a first, a used maxi pad. Joy on joy, try to walk your dog past that. Oops, I forgot about the after hours noise….

  4. Hey, they say the girth of the typical Canadian has increased by 3 inches… That’s nothing compared to the government waste-line.