Wolfville exposed

Well, actually the headline is Wolfville uncovered [or “uncoverred” – note the misspelling in the url!] and it is part of the Wolfville “branding” project!

Another survey. How many is this? There were the “community circles” of 2oo6, and the ill fated survey of 2007 where they didn’t get enough respondents and had to go out beating the bushes for warm bodies to participate; and there was the recent vital signs survey [where we taxpayers contributed money for the group to tell us how badly we were doing on the poverty front] and now this one. Good grief.

We encourage you to look at all four versions of this questionnaire [there is one for residents, for businesses, acadia alumni, and acadia students. It is possible of course that you fall into all four categories [in which case you have a lot of questions to answer if you see fit to participate!]

One question in the business survey is:

What 5 words best sum up why Wolfville is a great place to business?[sic]

Ah, a good editor is worth her weight in gold is she not?

You have to be positive – the questions almost force you to be – and you have to give your name [which is another reason not to be negative, otherwise…]

We filled it out until it came to giving our name and address then we bailed. The second to last question rather floored us.

If Wolfville were a famous personality, who should it be?

We thought Ebeneezer Scrooge would be a good answer. After all it is never too late to change.

5 responses to “Wolfville exposed

  1. Q 1 Farmers Market no rent no taxes.

    Q 2 Any dictator you choose.

  2. Uncovered vs uncoverred… well that’s a baby error.

    I just got an invoice from the TOW asking for $25 to register my dog, dead or alive!

    These latest surveys are so loaded that there should be a button that you can push to make them go bang.

  3. Do you really need a link to You Geek?

  4. Looks like the site has been hi-jacked. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s been deleted from our list.

  5. Hey, guess what, they fixed the spelling in their url!

    Wow, Wolfville Watch leads Wolfville Town along the path of literacy…

    I just had to take a few liberties with that survey form: