Brison’s calendar – January

Perhaps you received, as we did, Scott Brison’s handy dandy “environmental tips” calendar for 2010 which now replaces a small 2009 calendar beside our computer. [Yes, it is still handy to have a paper copy to glance at when you are checking a date.]

There is a general greeting wishing us all the best [phrased carefully not to mention Christmas but a “holiday season” –   “a time to reconnect with family and loved ones.”] The header is garlanded with a little tree frog guy [haven’t we seen him in an ad somewhere?] and decorated with a recycle logo.

January’s page has a pic of Scott with Wolfville’s mayor at the Olympic Torch Relay event.

And a number of “green” tips:

  • “Create designated holding “bins” for each type of recycled product and place in convenient locations in your home/garage.” [In our garage no space is convenient!]
  • Take showers instead of baths. [Or better still don’t use water at all?]
  • Collect rainwater to water indoor plants [ In January? Maybe melt snow?]

Nothing about getting rid of your real tree, so we add this from the Town Website.

Town residents can set their trees at the curb no earlier than January 4 for the Town Public Works Department to pick up through that week.  Town residents can also drop trees off at the Maple Avenue compost site.

It looks like you have a few days yet to put your real tree out at the curb. If you need to get rid of an old artificial tree – that’s another question.

As for Scott’s  calendar of events – it’s blank at the moment.


One response to “Brison’s calendar – January

  1. Our Smiling Scott is a very photogenic boy, but he’s totally upstaged by his dog in the July mugshot. As for Scott’s invocation, “Take showers instead of baths”, I don’t recall voting to have any politician micro-manage my ablutions. Perhaps the 2011 Calendar will have more dogs and less gratuitous advice?