Wolfville’s stories of the year

The end of the old year is traditionally a time to reflect on it as well as look forward to the next with predictions. The Chronicle Horrid Herald has the Canadian Press top 10 news stories for 2009 from a survey of newspaper editors and Broadcasters.

•H1N1 (swine) flu: 70 per cent

•Dziekanski inquiry: nine per cent

•Afghanistan mission: seven per cent

•Economy bounces back: six per cent

•Corruption in Montreal: three per cent

•Liberal party woes: two per cent

•NHL off-ice battles, Obama visits Canada, Olympic fever, Vancouver gang wars: less than one per cent

What were the top 10 stories in Wolfville? Reviewing our posts for the year we’ve come up with this list, in no particular order:

The underground economy- the tax elephant in the room [Are our Provincial or Federal tax masters on the case?]

Ivany grasps the nettle -Did he know what he was taking on?

Railtown goes bust – Did we predict this?

The Budget battle – Was that a win,  a loss, or a draw?

Mr Becker – His various issues with the Town, including taking it and the mayor to court, sure get attention!

Mr. Daniels – He’s persistent and his main issue is accountability and public participation.

Sherwood Drive – Will we ever know the story behind the story on this one?

Going, going, gone – Businesses leaving Wolfville

The rally to save Wolfville school

That’s nine, feel free to weigh in with your own suggestion for the tenth and then tell us which one wins your vote for the “biggest” Wolfville story of the year.

As for New Years Resolutions we can’t do much better than these we posted in 2007!!! [We may yet come up with some predictions for 2010 however!]

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