Wolfville farm market cashes in

Not only tax free but now already tax funded as well! We knew this would happen.  According to this announcement, the Wolfville Farmer’s market is one of several “enterprises” receiving welfare funding from us, the taxpayers. Not that WE have any say in the decision.

Agriculture Minister John MacDonell announced $430,984 in funding today, Dec. 22, to help strengthen local food direct marketers’ infrastructure and sustainability.

The funding is provided through the Direct Marketing Community Development Trust Fund, which aims to increase consumer access to local products and help agriculture businesses sell more directly to consumers. …

– Wolfville Farmers’ Market, in Wolfville, Kings Co., to develop a long-term, fixed location that will accommodate growing popularity and increase opportunities to access and marketlocal food products.[emph ours]

We aren’t quite sure why popularity should have anything to do with it. If it is so popular why does this enterprise need help?  AND we don’t really think this market is necessary to increase access to local food products in this area. There are plenty of other outlets, real farm markets, built and paid for by farmers [who pay taxes] that provide that access. We don’t think Just Us coffee counts as a local food product do you? Not to mention that many of the vendors aren’t selling food products at all.

The funds are provided through the Community Development Trust Fund, a $34.9-million program established in 2008 by the federal government to help communities and sectors experiencing economic challenges.

Federal money, from our federal tax pocket. This report doesn’t specifically say how much Wolfville’s farm market will pocket but the figure of $250, 000 has been rumoured.

What we don’t understand is why other businesses aren’t “up in arms” and demanding tax relief , free rent, and government funding as well.  We can only think that perhaps they are proud of the fact that they can stand on their own two feet and don’t have to go crawling to government to give them hand outs.


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