“Two guys and their dog standing in a field,”

Dec. 21 – update

“I’ve had so many positive e-mails, calls over the last few days from across the riding, across Canada and around the world,” Scott Brison said Sunday from his home in Cheverie, N.S. “Everybody is saying the same thing: It’s just a Christmas card. It should not create a controversy’.”


The Brisons’ Christmas card has gone out. We didn’t get one [why?!] but we thought some of our readers would like to see it.

We saw the card ’cause Jane Taber wrote a story on it in the Globe and Mail [why?!!]

The Liberal MP says the card has gone out throughout the rural riding. And there have been no negative comments or raised eyebrows. “What could be more rural Nova Scotian than two guys and their dog standing in front of the Minas Basin,” Mr. Brison says. “It’s almost got a Norman Rockwell quality to it. It’s kind of Canadian Gothic.”…

It was sent to about 5,000 friends and constituents. …

The card, which  is not posted on Brison’s website we notice, may not have generated comment but Jane Taber’s article did.

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Ht. Frank via twitter.

So there isn’t even one comment that could be approved? Odd.

What do we think? Nice dog. And it would be better with snow.

Later: More at the Star.

Since word began to spread about the card, calls have come into Brison’s office to ask for copies. Supporters have told him they shared a link to the post with friends and family in the United States to boast about Canada’s progressive attitude to same-sex marriage.


4 responses to ““Two guys and their dog standing in a field,”

  1. It would be a lovely card, but it isn’t very
    Christmasy. It made me think of my late dog
    and my brother and his partner of nearly 60 years and what intolerance they have faced
    through those years.

    There are all kinds of intolerance. Being wished
    a Happy Holiday is not one of them.

  2. “Norman Rockwell quality” — I think not! Good looking dog, though.

    Look, I hate to be hateful but I really don’t approve of your suggestion about adding snow. Fair go, I’ve been holding out for some of that global warming everyone is blathering about. Oh to be a Green-Believer — bbrrhh!

  3. Awe they are so cute together, love the dog. Happy Holidays boys, not everyone is against your happiness.

  4. Just to be clear, the two guys look fine. It’s just that they are totally up-staged by the dog and the setting. No snow, please!